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Codes News

Secret Codes Found in Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Community detective work unlocks new sections on game's official website.

QR codes engineered into cybersecurity protection

QR, or Quick Response, codes ? those commonly black and white boxes that people scan with a smartphone to learn more about something ? have been used to convey information about everything from cereals to cars and new homes.

QR codes with advanced imaging and photon encryption protect computer chips

Engineers have taken the ordinary QR code and transformed it into a high-end cybersecurity application that can protect the integrity of computer chips using advanced optical imaging and photon-based encryption.

Verified.Codes Raises $500,000.00 in a seed funding round for its Verified Coupon and Deals Website

BALTIMORE, Md. -- via PRWEB - Verified.Codes, launched in early 2014, is the "ultimate resource for the online shopper" with coupons & deals available for over 25,000 online retailers. Unlike ...

Hidden Codes Discovered in Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Internet sleuths have learned how to crack them and recover rewards online.

Gene Codes Corporation Releases Sequencher 5.3

Gene Codes Corporation announces the release of Sequencher 5.3, DNA Sequence and Analysis Software. The latest release of Sequencher highlights Gene Codes? goal of providing researchers with powerful, easy to use DNA analysis software tools.

Volokh Conspiracy: Why Eric Posner is wrong about speech codes

There's no reason to think that campus speech codes and the like will be designed to properly serve the needs of students, as opposed to the interest of federal civil rights officials and university bureaucrats who collude to create the rules.

Why QR codes are the blinking VCR clock of the 21st century

We have all seen them, they are everywhere. Cereal boxes at the breakfast table, even used as for sales signs on houses in your neighborhood. Buy what are they exactly and what are we supposed to do with ...

[Update] The Code In The Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Has Been Cracked

Update #3 : The cipher using the codes has been cracked, and the ultimate "prize" has been uncovered. Reddit contributor SixSided figured out the cypher that the codes were a part of, and once plugged into the official website discovered they revealed...character bios. Ugh! Thanks to all the members of our community who worked on this puzzle all day, and to SixSided. Too bad the payoff wasn't ...

University Assembly Hopes to Centralize ?Disjointed? Campus Codes

By SOFIA HU If you are a student leaving Uris Library at 3 a.m. and a Cornell University police officer approaches you and asks for your identification, what are your rights? If you are a professor and a CUPD officer asks to search your office, what are your rights? If [?]

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