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Medical transcription outsourcing

Date Added: November 03, 2008 11:33:52 AM
Author: androbrawn
Category: Health
Medical transcription service is the process of turning physician’s voice dictation into written transcripts, the primary skills required in medical transcription is quick typing speed, and a through knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical terms. Most people doing Medical transcriptions prefer working out of their homes; it gives them an advantage to be their own boss, a patient seeks treatment at a hospital, is handed out a report by the doctor. The number of such reports dictated by the doctors’ everyday runs into hundreds. These reports need to be transformed to the written form and stored in a computer. This is where a transcriber steps in. Using headphones and a foot pedal alternately, the transcriber is able to listen to the dictated recordings and type it into a computer. The kind of reports they generate could range from discharge summaries, operative reports, history and physical examination, progress reports to mere referral letters. These transcriptions are then forwarded to the concerned physician or health care professional who then files them. This is however easier said than done, a transcriber must have knowledge of anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and how certain procedures are conducted, familiarity with medical jargon and abbreviations used, names of drugs and diseases all this goes a long way to making the task easier. Medical reference material is available in the form of texts and over the Internet. This comes in useful when there is doubt or when something is not very clear. While compiling the records, accuracy, grammar and lucidity are aspects that the transcriber needs to pay attention to. The demand for medical transcribers is increasing. Many countries abroad have outsourced their work to countries like India, which has a large English speaking population. Depending on the place they work in, medical transcribers are paid accordingly. It is a lucrative profession, but you should be able to combat the stress of working for long hours in the same position
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Medical transcription outsourcing
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